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March 26, 2015

Difficult, Demanding, Different. And that’s before you’ve even hired anyone…

 “Was it something I said?” “Is there something wrong with the company?” “Should I be doing anything differently?”

When you’re struggling to recruit the right person, it’s easy to start asking yourself a few awkward questions. But the truth is, you’re probably just facing the difficulties of High Demand recruitment. So the answers to the above are: probably not, probably not and very definitely!

In its simplest terms, High Demand recruitment is too many employers chasing too few people with the right skills, and candidates switching off to the ‘white noise’. It can occur in any sector that uses specialist skills – such as IT, engineering or creative industries – and it can completely turn around a market you think you know or have recruited successfully within before. Things have changed. That’s why you should look at taking a different approach. And take a look round

There, you’ll find lots of information and tips on how to cope with the demands of High Demand recruitment. What stages you’ll go through. How you can make working for you more attractive to candidates. What you can do to stop rivals beating you to the people you need.

You can find out about the science of High Demand recruitment, and the benefits of working with an experienced recruiter in such difficult markets. It covers why a great recruiter will ask more of you than others do, deliver more to candidates and use a greater flow of information and more options to help you successfully hire.

OK, so you might have gathered by now it’s our own shiny new website. We’ve created it over the last few months with the sterling help and support of Thrive Creative (thanks, guys!) to give you all the insight you need into making a difficult hiring.

Like us, our website tackles high demand recruitment a little differently. Just like you should to succeed.