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A quick fix - or the right skills?

Why not have both

bobs Story
bobs Story

Bob's Story

HR Director

Recruitment’s your responsibility, but you leave it to your teams to source individual people. You’re more concerned with overall performance, KPIs, volumes, and so on, as you’re always under pressure from above, especially to reduce costs.

bobs Story

So the last thing you need is the added pressure of a ‘High Demand’ role, for someone with specialist skills crucial to the whole business. You’re not sure why, but your teams seem unable to fill it. You’re reluctant to go to an external recruiter, though – you’ve heard too many broken promises over the years.

Under pressure

The Nixor Solution

By approaching internal (and volume) recruitment from a different perspective Nixor bring with them expertise in working with large corporate organisations to help internal recruitment teams maximise their output, whist training and developing internal staff on the difference between High Demand and how to approach it.

Our on-site training workshops for hiring managers and recruiting staff allow everyone in the process to understand the pressures of HD and adapt to this changing market, and with regular performance and cost related reviews you will see that our approach will generate results… and if it doesn’t we’ll put our money where our mouth is.

With extensive experience in hiring and managing recruiters the Nixor Directors can offer a free ‘Recruit the Recruiter’ Consultation allowing you to build a profile of the type of individual who will add value to the team.

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What our clients say

Nixor have demonstrated an acute understanding of our business needs, culture and future vision and have supplier high calibre candidates in highly technical roles and areas in which we have historically found it difficult to attract the right talent.

Recruitment Business Partner, TalkTalk Group