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A quick fix - or the right skills?

Why not have both

kates Story
kates Story

Kate's Story

Recruitment Manager

Constant pressure to deliver, line managers who don’t appreciate your efforts, limited resources…recruitment’s hard enough, without being overstretched like this. Then there are the external recruiters, bombarding you with phone calls and emails but unable to come up with the goods.

kates Story

And when a role comes along that’s harder to fill than most – a High Demand role – even though you know the recruitment game it can cause you a real headache, having an adverse effect on your figures.

Under pressure

The Nixor Solution

At Nixor we understand the pressures you face and are here to work as a partner to help achieve combined success. Our goals are simple. We want to help you fill those difficult ‘High Demand’ Roles, but doing so in a manner that will help reduce the time and workload you have to put in.

Whether it’s sitting down with you to create tailor made marketing literature to help attract the best talent and build your brand, working with you to ‘take the heat’ from those more difficult line managers or delivering tried and tested workshops in house to help managers understand the marketplace at Nixor we’re here to help.

Added to this our regular reviews which are cost & performance related, you can be confident that we will do everything we can to deliver, whilst easing the pressure off you and if we don’t you we are the ones who get punished.

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What our clients say

Nixor have demonstrated an acute understanding of our business needs, culture and future vision and have supplier high calibre candidates in highly technical roles and areas in which we have historically found it difficult to attract the right talent.

Recruitment Business Partner, TalkTalk Group