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A quick fix - or the right skills?

Why not have both

Petes Story
Petes Story

Pete's Story

Line Manager

Your role means you’re not only responsible for your team, but also for key projects. So any shortfall in resources – whether through someone leaving or increased workload – puts you under real pressure.

Petes Story

You need to find someone with the necessary skills and experience, and find them quickly. But this is a High Demand position – so you know they’re in short supply. And the longer you’re under-resourced, the more pressure you’re under to make an appointment, even if you know the person’s not quite right.

Under pressure

The Nixor Solution

At Nixor we aim to take as much of the workload out of the process for you. We are able to write a job spec for you that will allow YOUR role, team and business have as much presence in the market as possible and really stand out from the competition. Remember, in High Demand your competing for the attention of a few candidates, so a ‘list of skills’, although an easy option, will reduce the number of interested candidates and vastly increase the time spent hiring the right person.

Just like projects you work on internally, getting the need analysis, specification and process right at the start helps prevent time consuming problems further down the process. Its our job to spot these eventualities before they happen with as little input from you as possible once the search has begun.

If it’s technical screening you need…no problem… or help going ‘upstairs’ to fight your corner, our comprehensive market information arms you with all the information you need in order to hire that person you desperately need. With approximately 65% of all offered candidates in High Demand receiving counter offers, we’re here to help you secure the candidate when it counts.

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What our clients say

Nixor have demonstrated an acute understanding of our business needs, culture and future vision and have supplier high calibre candidates in highly technical roles and areas in which we have historically found it difficult to attract the right talent.

Recruitment Business Partner, TalkTalk Group